• (noun): (biology) the sequence of events involved in the evolutionary development of a species or taxonomic group of organisms.
    Synonyms: evolution, phylogenesis

Some articles on phylogeny:

Tinbergen's Four Questions - Four Categories of Questions and Explanations - Evolutionary (ultimate) Explanations - 2 Phylogeny (evolution)
... Phylogeny captures all evolutionary explanations other than function/adaptation ... Reconstructing the phylogeny of a species often makes it possible to understand the "uniqueness" of recent characteristics Earlier phylogenetic stages and (pre ...
Capniidae - Systematics and Taxonomy
... However, this is rather pointless in any case the phylogeny, systematics and taxonomy of the small winter stoneflies are highly confused ... But the phylogeny of the Capniidae is by no means robustly resolved, with about one-third of the named genera of uncertain position ... A rough layout of the suspected phylogeny can be given as follows ...
Bayesian Inference In Phylogeny
... Bayesian inference in phylogeny generates a posterior distribution for a parameter, composed of a phylogenetic tree and a model of evolution, based on the prior for that parameter ... has a number of applications in molecular phylogenetics, for example, estimation of species phylogeny and species divergence times ...