Phone Call

  • (noun): A telephone connection.
    Example: "He placed a phone call to London"
    Synonyms: call, telephone call

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Cane Ashby - Development - Characterization and Portrayal
... up, more ambiguity about Cane's intentions appeared as the character received a phone call from his uncle Langley that hinted towards Cane scheming ... The original intent of the call was to show that Cane wanted what was owed to him after being given away ... Goddard said he felt the phone call was resolved within the story when Cane sent money to his uncle as part of taking care of him ...
List Of Case Closed Episodes (season 2) - Episode Listing
... he uses his voice as Jimmy Kudo and calls Inspector Joseph Meguire and Richard to Ken's house where Conan drops subtle hints to reveal Ken as the murderer ... While there Conan picks up a phone call from Samuel's wife Catherine Taylor ... During the phone call, a musical melody is heard from Catherine's side ...
Look Back In Anger (film) - Synopsis
... Back at the flat, Alison is taking a phone call from her friend Helena, an actress who's in town for an audition and looking for somewhere to crash ... When Jimmy leaves to take a phone call, Helena says "I'm going to call your father and get him to take you home" ... The phone call brought the news that Ma Tanner is in hospital after a stroke, and not expected to live ...
Beyond The Clouds (1995 Film) - Plot
... He gets a phone call from his wife who has just emptied the apartment of most of their belongings and left him ... Patricia then gets a phone call from her husband, and she tells him, "Don't try to find me." Carlo and Patricia approach each other and he says, "There's a cure for ... imagination, of our sensitivity." A woman enters his compartment, gets a phone call, and says, "Don't call me again." Meanwhile, on a nearby hill, an artist ...
Telephone Access Of Guantanamo Bay Detainees - Phone Calls For Detainees
... While some phone calls to families had been allowed at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp, in 2008 the Joint Military Task Force developed policy and procedures to ... Facilities were upgraded and in 2009, the Red Cross assisted with setting up video calls to its centers overseas ... When Salim Ahmed Hamdan was allowed a call home, on August 6, 2008, after his Guantanamo Military Commission acquitted him of conspiracy and convicted him of material support for terrorism, his was the 107th call ...

Famous quotes related to phone call:

    You may be used to a day that includes answering eleven phone calls, attending two meetings, and writing three reports; when you are at home with an infant you will feel you have accomplished quite a lot if you have a shower and a sit-down meal in the same day.
    Anne C. Weisberg (20th century)