Phase Change

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Soliton (optics) - Spatial Solitons
... The effect of the lens is to introduce a non-uniform phase change that causes focusing ... This phase change is a function of the space and can be represented with, whose shape is approximately represented in the picture ... The phase change can be expressed as the product of the phase constant and the width of the path the field has covered ...
Basic Theory - Temperature For Bodies in Thermodynamic Equilibrium
... Except for a system undergoing a first-order phase change such as the melting of ice, as a closed system receives heat, without change in its volume and without change in external force fields acting on it, its ... For a system undergoing such a phase change so slowly that departure from thermodynamic equilibrium can be neglected, its temperature remains constant as the system is supplied with latent heat ... Conversely, a loss of heat from a closed system, without phase change, without change of volume, and without change in external force fields acting on it, decreases its ...
External Memory Algorithms - Fundamental Storage Technologies - Uncommon
... Phase-change memory uses different mechanical phases of Phase Change Material to store information in an X-Y addressable matrix, and reads the ... Phase-change memory would be non-volatile, random-access read/write storage, and might be used for primary, secondary and off-line storage ... Most rewritable and many write once optical disks already use phase change material to store information ...
Entropy (order And Disorder) - Phase Change
... to these early developments, the typical example of entropy change ΔS is that associated with phase change ...
Melting Point Apparatus - Design
... bath, and as the temperature increases the sample is observed to determine when the phase change from solid to liquid occurs ... records the temperature range starting with the initial phase change temperature and ending with the completed phase change temperature ...

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