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Myanmar Army - Formation and Structure - Directorate of Armour
... Tanks, Humber Amour Scout Cars, Ferret Armoured Cars and Univerl Bren Carriers ... for nearly thirty years since the Tatmadaw did not procure any new tanks or armour carriers since 1961 ... with Infantry fighting vehicles and Armored personnel carriers, three Tank battalions equipped with Main battle Tanks and three Tank battalions equipped with Light Tank ...
List Of Equipment Of The Russian Ground Forces - Vehicles - Personnel Carriers
... Name Type Quantity Origin Notes BTR-90 Armoured personnel carrier ~80 Russia Further orders cancelled in 2011 due to not meeting new army requirements ... BTR-82/A Armoured personnel carrier 210 Russia Improved version and mid-term replacement of BTR-80/A ... BTR-80/A Armoured personnel carrier ~1,152 Soviet Union Currently being upgraded into/replaced by BTR-82 ...
Sri Lanka Armoured Corps - Equipment
... Saladin armoured cars and Soviet BTR-152 armored personnel carriers (APC) were added ... Daimler Armoured Cars (retired) Ferret armoured cars (retired) Armoured personnel carriers WZ551 Armoured personnel carrier TYPE 63 (YW531) Armoured personnel carriers BTR-80 Armoured personnel carrier BTR-152 ...
Netherlands Marine Corps - Equipment - Armour
156 BV206S armored all-terrain personnel carriers(127 will get a Mid-Life Update, the rest will be disposed of or sold) 74 BVS10 armored all-terrain personnel carriers 20 XA-188 wheeled armored personnel ...

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