Persian Iraq

Persian Iraq (Arabic: عراق العجم‎; Persian: عراق عجم‎), also spelled Persian Irak, is a historical term for the central region of Iran, including cities such as Isfahan, Ray, Qazvin, and Kashan. From the 11th to 19th centuries, the name Iraq referred to two neighbouring regions: Arabian Iraq (ʿIrāq-i ʿArab) and Persian Iraq (ʿIrāq-i ʿAjam). Arabian Iraq corresponded with ancient Babylonia (now central-southern Iraq), while Persian Iraq corresponded with ancient Media (now central-western Iran). The two regions were separated by the Zagros Mountains.

Later, until the beginning of the 20th century, the term Iraq in Iran was used to refer to a much smaller region south of Saveh and west of Qom. This region was centered by Sultanabad, which was renamed later as Arāk.

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