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Anatolian and Persian Carpets
... The difference between Anatolian (Turkish) and Persian carpets is today largely one of tradition ... Typically, a traditional Persian carpet is tied with a single looping knot (Persian or Senneh Knot), while the traditional Anatolian carpet is tied with a double looping knot (Turkish or Ghiordes Knot) ... that for every 'vertical strand' of thread in a carpet, an Anatolian carpet has two loops as opposed to the one loop for the various Persian carpets that use a Persian 'single' knot ...
Persian People - Culture - Rugs
... Persia was in many sense the first permanent home of carpet weaving, and while robbed of much of her political power, and only a shadow of her former self, still holds up to the ideals of ... World's oldest existing carpet, Pazyryk carpet, a pile-carpet dating back to 400-300 BCE discovered in 1949, depicts clear elements of Assyrian and Achaemenid ... This has made many scholar consider it to be woven, and made in the Persian Achaemenid empire ...
Persian Carpet - History - Islamic Period
... that time, the main items exported from that region were carpets, and small carpets for saying prayers (also known as prayer mats) ... Furthermore, the carpets of Khorassan, Sistan and Bukhara, because of their prominent designs and motifs, were in high demand among purchasers ... During the reigns of the Seljuq and Ilkhanate dynasties, carpet weaving was still a booming business, so much so that a mosque built by Ghazan Khan in Tabriz, in northwestern Iran, was covered with superb Persian ...
Safavid Art - Art - Persian Carpets
... Numerous carpets (between 1500 and 2000) have been conserved since the Safavid period, but the dating and establishment of the origin of these carpets remains very difficult ... In addition, once a carpet has been made and has stayed in a particular place, it allows other pieces related to it to be identified ... It is generally accepted among specialists that it was the Safavids who transformed the carpet from production by artists assured by nomadic tribes to the status of a "national industry" of which the products were ...

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