Perfect Pitch

  • (noun): The ability to identify the pitch of a tone.
    Synonyms: absolute pitch

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Relative Pitch
... The term relative pitch may denote the distance of a musical note from a set point of reference, e.g ... given tones, regardless of their relation to concert pitch (A = 440 Hz) the skill used by singers to correctly sing a melody, following musical notation, by ... notes relative to some known reference pitch ...
Iain Matthews - Discography - Albums
... Told — The Songs of Sandy Denny (2000) Perfect Pitch / Unique Gravity Iain Matthews Elliott Murphy, The Official Blue Rose Bootleg (2001) Blue Rose ...
History of Musical Aptitude Researches and Findings - Absolute Pitch
... Absolute pitch (or AP) is defined as an ability to effortlessly name a note or a group of notes without comparing it with any external reference tone when the notes are sounded ... People with perfect pitch can produce the note in instrument or via voice when it is told ... In 1988 Profita and Bidder studied 35 persons with perfect pitch, from 19 families, with a questionnaire that is about note-recognition capacity and musical exposure and training ...
Cave In - History - Perfect Pitch Black and Hiatus (2005–2006)
... Cave In returned to Hydra Head Records and released Perfect Pitch Black on September 13, 2005 ... Following the release of Perfect Pitch Black, Conners departed from the band, due to an injury and temporarily relocating to Germany, and was replaced by Converge ...

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    I saw the Arab map.
    It resembled a mare shuffling on,
    dragging its history like saddlebags,
    nearing its tomb and the pitch of hell.
    Adonis [Ali Ahmed Said] (b. 1930)

    Th’ increasing prospect tires our wand’ring eyes.
    Hills peep o’er hills, and Alps on Alps arise!
    A perfect Judge will read each work of Wit
    With the same spirit that its author writ:
    Survey the Whole, nor seek slight faults to find
    Where nature moves, and rapture warms the mind;
    Alexander Pope (1688–1744)