Peak Demand

Peak demand is used to refer to a historically high point in the sales record of a particular product. In terms of energy use, peak demand describes a period of strong consumer demand.

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Demand Response - Short-term Inconvenience For Long-term Benefits
... Shedding loads during peak demand is important because it reduces the need for new power plants ... To respond to high peak demand, utilities build very capital-intensive power plants and lines ... Peak demand happens just a few times a year, so those assets run at a mere fraction of their capacity ...
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Natural Gas Storage - Usage
... Gas injected into storage during periods of low demand and withdrawn from storage during periods of peak demand ... Leveling production over periods of fluctuating demand ... is not immediately marketable, typically over the summer when demand is low and deliver it when in the winter months when the demand is high ...
Demand Response
... In electricity grids, demand response (DR) is similar to dynamic demand mechanisms to manage customer consumption of electricity in response to supply conditions ... The difference is that demand response mechanisms respond to explicit requests to shut off, whereas dynamic demand devices passively shut off when stress in the grid is sensed ... Demand response can involve actually curtailing power used or by starting on-site generation which may or may not be connected in parallel with the grid ...
Charge Control Advantages
... During times of peak demand, the electric utility prefers to reduce the demand, rather than turning on additional (dirtier and more expensive) power plants ... utility shuts off appliances such as air conditioners until the peak demand is over ... utility to postpone charging until the peak demand is over ...

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