Pećka Bistrica

The Pećka Bistrica (Albanian: Lumbardhi i Pejës; Serbian Cyrillic: Пећка Бистрица) is a river in Kosovo. This 62 km-long right tributary to the White Drin river flows entirely within the south-western part of Kosovo.

The name of the river, Bistrica, means "clearwater" in Serbian. The adjective Pećka, "of Peć", is added to distinguish it from other Bistrica rivers in the Metohija region: Dečanska Bistrica ("of Dečani"), Prizrenska Bistrica ("of Prizren"), Kožnjarska Bistrica ("of Kožnjar"), Loćanska Bistrica ("of Loćan"), etc.

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Pećka Bistrica - Characteristics
... The Pećka Bistrica has a large potential for production of hydroelectricity, but this resource is not used ... Through the White Drin, the Pećka Bistrica belongs to the Adriatic Sea drainage basin ...