Pawn may refer to:

  • Pawn (chess), the weakest and most numerous piece in the game
  • Pawn, another name for a pledge (law) in certain jurisdictions
    • Pawnshop/pawnbroker
  • Pawn (programming language), an embeddable programming language
  • Doris Pawn (1894-1988), an American actress of the silent film era
  • Pawn River, Burma
  • The Pawn, a 1980s text adventure
  • PAWN, an online multiplayer flash game
  • PAWN, International Civil Aviation Organization code for Noatak Airport
  • Pawn Stars Top rated show on the History Channel

Other articles related to "pawns, pawn":

Shogi Strategy And Tactics - Opening - The Yagura Castle
... protected king a well fortified line of pawns and the bishop, rook, and a pawn all support a later attack by the rook's silver or knight ... is typically used against static rook openings that involve advancing the rook's pawn ... It has the three pawns on the left side advanced to their final Yagura positions, and on the second rank all four generals are lined up next to the bishop, which is still in its starting position
Shatar - Game Rules
... The küü (ᠬᠦᠦ, pawn) does not have an initial double-step move option, except for the queen pawn or king pawn ... In old shatar rules, a pawn that reaches its eighth rank must promote to half-power tiger ... But a pawn could step back to its sixth rank to promote to all-power tiger ...
Closed Game
... A Closed Game (or Double Queen's Pawn Opening) is a chess opening that begins with the moves 1 ... and center control as does 1.e4, but unlike with the King Pawn openings where the e4 pawn is undefended after the first move, the d4 pawn is protected by White's queen ... Also, compared with the King Pawn openings, transpositions between variations are more common and important in the closed games ...
Charles Bock - Biography
... He comes from a family of pawnbrokers who've operated pawn shops in Downtown Las Vegas for more than thirty years ... small chores, rolling coins or filing the previous day’s pawn tickets ... The store often had a line of people waiting to pawn their goods, local customers who worked in casinos and also spent all their spare time playing blackjack and slot ...

Famous quotes containing the word pawn:

    In ceremonies of the horsemen,
    Even the pawn must hold a grudge.
    Bob Dylan [Robert Allen Zimmerman] (b. 1941)