Passive Gravitational Mass

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Negative Mass - Inertial Versus Gravitational
... his theory of gravity, there have been at least three conceptually distinct quantities called mass inertial mass, "active" gravitational mass (that is, the source of the gravitational ... The Einstein equivalence principle postulates that inertial mass must equal passive gravitational mass while the law of conservation of momentum requires that ... In considering negative mass, it is important to consider which of these concepts of mass are negative however, in most analyses of negative mass, it is assumed that the ...
Modern Usage - The Weak Equivalence Principle - Active, Passive, and Inertial Masses
... By definition of active and passive gravitational mass, the force on due to the gravitational field of is Likewise the force on a second object of arbitrary mass2 due to the ... are the same) Hence Therefore In other words, passive gravitational mass must be proportional to inertial mass for all objects ... law of motion must be equal and opposite to It follows that In other words, passive gravitational mass must be proportional to active gravitational mass for ...

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