Papaveraceae /pəpeɪvəˈreɪsiː/, informally known as the poppy family, are an economically important family of 30genera and approximately 600 species of flowering plants in the order Ranunculales. The family is cosmopolitan, occurring in temperate and subtropical climates, but almost unknown in the tropics. Most are herbaceous plants, but a few are shrubs and small trees.

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List Of Native Plants Of Palestine (E-O)
1116 Gladiolus italicus Iridaceae סייפן התבואה 1117 Glaucium aleppicum Papaveraceae פרגת ארם-צובא 1118 Glaucium arabicum Papaveraceae ...
List Of Native Vascular Plants Of Palestine (P-Z)
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... Africa intentional (soil stabilization) 2004 invasive 35 Argemone mexicana Papaveraceae ארגמון מכסיקאי America 36 ... Artemisia arborescens Asteraceae ... Panicum miliaceum Poaceae דוחן תרבותי Asia 185 ... Papaver somniferum Papaveraceae פרג תרבותי Mediterranean intentional (agriculture) 186 Parkinsonia aculeata Fabaceae ...