Pandyan - History - Under The Cholas (10th – 13th Centuries AD)

Under The Cholas (10th – 13th Centuries AD)

The Chola domination of the Tamil country began in earnest during the reign of Parantaka Chola II. Chola armies led by Aditya Karikala, son of Parantaka Chola II defeated Vira Pandya in battle. The Pandyas were assisted by the Sinhalese forces of Mahinda IV. Pandyas were driven out of their territories and had to seek refuge on the island of Sri Lanka. This was the start of the long exile of the Pandyas. They were replaced by a series of Chola viceroys with the title Chola Pandyas who ruled from Madurai from c. 1020.

The following list gives the names of the Pandya kings who were active during the 10th century and the first half of 11th century. It is difficult to give their dates of accession and the duration of their rule. Nevertheless, their presence in the southern country requires recognition.

  • Sundara Pandya I
  • Vira Pandya I
  • Vira Pandya II
  • Amarabhujanga Tivrakopa
  • Jatavarman Sundara Chola Pandya
  • Maravarman Vikrama Chola Pandya
  • Maravarman Parakrama Chola Pandya
  • Jatavarman Chola Pandya
  • Srivallabha Manakulachala (1101–1124 AD)
  • Maaravaramban Seervallaban (1132–1161 AD)
  • Parakrama Pandyan I (1161–1162 AD)
  • Kulasekara Pandyan III
  • Vira Pandyan III
  • Jatavarman Srivallaban (1175–1180 AD)
  • Jatavarman Kulasekaran I (1190–1216 AD)
  • Parakrama Pandyan II (Ceylon king) (1212-1215 AD)
  • Maravarman Sundara Pandyan (1216–1238 AD)
  • Sundaravaramban Kulasekaran II (1238–1240 AD)
  • Maravarman Sundara Pandyan II (1238–1251 AD)
  • Jatavarman Sundara Pandyan (1251–1268 AD)
  • Maaravaramban Kulasekara Pandyan I (1268–1308 AD)
  • Sundara Pandyan IV (1309–1327 AD)
  • Vira Pandyan IV (1309–1345 AD)

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