Palm (PDA) - List of PDA Models - Discontinued Models

Discontinued Models

Discontinued Model Replacement model
Pilot 1000 PalmPilot Personal
Pilot 5000 Palm Pilot Professional
PalmPilot Personal Palm III
PalmPilot Professional Palm IIIx
Palm III m100
Palm IIIe m100
Palm IIIx m105
Palm IIIxe m125
Palm IIIc m130
Handspring Visor Zire 31
Palm V Palm m500
Palm Vx m500
Palm VIIx i705
Palm m100 m105
Palm m105 Zire
Palm m125 Zire 31
Palm m130 Zire 71
Palm m500 Tungsten E2
Palm m505 m515
Palm m515 Tungsten E2
Palm i705 Treo 650
Tungsten E Tungsten E2
Tungsten E2 none
Tungsten T Tungsten T2
Tungsten T2 Tungsten T3
Tungsten T3 Tungsten T5
Tungsten T5 TX
Tungsten W Treo 600
Tungsten C TX
TX none
Zire Zire 21
Zire 21 Z22
Z-22 none
Zire 31 none
Zire 71 Zire 72
Zire 72 none
Handspring Treo 90|Treo 90 none, last Handspring PDA
Handspring Treo 180 Treo 270
Handspring Treo 180g Treo 270
Handspring Treo 270 Treo 600
Handspring Treo 300 Treo 600
Treo 600 Treo 650
Treo 650 Treo 680, Treo 700p, Treo 755p
Treo 700w Treo 700wx
Treo 680 Centro
LifeDrive none

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