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Sarii Yoshizawa - Filmography - Image DVDs
... Koisuru Hamichichi (恋するハミチチ), Out Vision 2007 Pai no Pai no Pai! (ぱいのPaiのパイ!), QH Eizo 2007 Hamichichi Zenkai! (ハミチチ全開!), Out Vision ...
PAI Partners - History - Investment Funds
... Since 1998, PAI has raised four investment funds PAI LBO Fund, 1998 - €650 million PAI Europe III, 2001 - €1.8 billion PAI Europe IV, 2005 - €2.7 billion PAI Europe V, 2008 - €2.7 ...
Lai Tung Pai - Style Specifics
... Lai Tung Pai is a Sil Lum (Shaolin) style of martial art ... Both external and internal in nature, Lai Tong Pai has several forms that are to be done with external and/or internal power control (see Chinese Martial Arts) ... Lai Tung Pai forms are generally short (24 to 36 moves), with the exception of the Keun Jong form, that consists of over 400 moves ...