Pahang River

Pahang River or (Sungai Pahang in Malay) is a river in the state of Pahang, Malaysia on the Malay Peninsula. With 459 km in length, it is the longest river on the Malay Peninsula. The river begins at the confluence of Jelai and Tembeling rivers on the Titiwangsa Mountains and drains into the South China Sea.

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Sungai Pahang - History - Transportation in The Early Days
... In the old days, Pahang River and Muar River were nearly connected at a place called Jempol, in Negeri Sembilan ... This was because the Serting River flows into the Bera River, a tributary of the Pahang River ... Jempol River flows into Muar River ...
Sungai Pahang - Historical Sites of Pahang River
... Many historical sites can be found along Pahang River ... Among the sites is Makam Lubuk Pahang ... Datuk Budiman were buried side by side with their heads facing the Pahang River ...
Sungai Pahang - Environmental History: Pahang River Was Connected With Thailand, Vietnam and Borneo
... up, exposing the Sunda Shelf and previous deep trenches became huge ancient rivers called the North Sunda River ... The North Sunda River provided vital connection to Mekong River in Vietnam and Chao Phraya River in Thailand to the north, Baram and Rajang rivers in Sarawak to the east and Pahang River and Rompin River to the ... Freshwater catfishes from those rivers migrated and mated to exchange their genetic materials about 10,000 years ago ...

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