Packet Loss

Packet loss occurs when one or more packets of data travelling across a computer network fail to reach their destination. Packet loss is distinguished as one of the three main error types encountered in digital communications; the other two being bit error and spurious packets caused due to noise.

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Adaptive Quality Of Service Multi-hop Routing - Adaptive QoS Scheme Overview
... can be based on either a delay or a delay and bandwidth requirement, or a packet loss requirement ... QoS delay requirement and the average delay on selected paths under the packet-loss constraint ... Average packet loss under this FEC scheme is achieved by using multiple routing paths ...
Acceptable Packet Loss
... “The fraction of lost packets increases as the traffic intensity increases ... measured not only in terms of delay, but also in terms of the probability of packet loss…a lost packet may be retransmitted on an end-to-end basis in order to ensure that all data ... For example, for Voice over IP traffic, “issing one or two packets every now and then will not affect the quality of the conversation ...
Taxonomy Of Congestion Control - Classification By Network Awareness - The Box Is Grey: Measurement-based Congestion Control
... Standard TCP relies on packet losses as an implicit congestion signal from overloaded links ... However, packet loss is not a sufficient indication of congestion, in its own right, for a number of reasons 1) Packet loss can be caused by random bit. 2) Acknowledgement-based loss detection at the sender side can be affected by the cross-traffic on the reverse path ...
Packet Loss Concealment
... Packet loss concealment (PLC) is a technique to mask the effects of packet loss in VoIP communications ... Because the voice signal is sent as packets on a VoIP network, they may travel different routes to get to destination ... At the receiver a packet might arrive very late, corrupted or simply might not arrive ...
Hart V. Comcast - Comcast High-speed Internet Service
... Sandvine hardware which sends forged RST packets, disrupting the BitTorrent protocol ... Some Comcast users also may experience packet loss and latency, resulting in lag ... The effects of packet loss and latency vary greatly depending on locale and the conditions of the local plant ...

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