Packard - Packard Show Cars

Packard Show Cars

  • Packard Phantom (1944; also called Brown Bomber and Macauley's Folly)
  • Packard Pan-American (1951; also called Macauley Speedster after Packard design executive Edward Macauley)
  • Packard Pan-American (1952) and Panther-Daytona
  • Packard Balboa (1953)
  • Packard Panther (1954–1955)
  • Packard Request (1955)
  • Packard Predictor (1956)
  • Packard Black Bess (1957; not an official name, it was a driveable design proposal)

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Packard Show Cars - Body Styles/misc. By Tradename
... Packard Clipper Constellation Packard Super Panama Ultramatic, Packard's self-developed automatic transmission (1949–1953 Gear-Start Ultramatic 1954 ... Electromatic, Packard's name for its electrically controlled, vacuum operated automatic clutch ... Twin Traction, Packard's optional limited-slip rear axle the first on a production car worldwide (1956–1958) Touch Button, Packard's electric panel to control 1956 win Ultramatic ...

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