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GM F40
... The F40 has a three-axis design, with first, second, fifth, and sixth gears on an output shaft behind and below the input shaft, and third and fourth gears are on an ... Both output shaft pinions drive a helical gear with a conventional differential ... The clutch is mounted on a dual-mass flywheel to dampen vibrations on whichever output shaft is idle depending upon which gear is selected ...
Stabilized Automatic Bomb Sight - Description - Range Unit
... the angular rate of motion of a stationary location on the ground, and output this to a reflector sight mounted on the left side of the bombsight ... This is a form of continuously variable transmission that allowed an output shaft to be driven at a controlled speed relative to an input ... height of water in a sluice, and as it moved, the output disk sped or slowed ...
M9 Armored Combat Earthmover - SIP Phase 3 - Detailed Description of Projects
... line filter and a high pressure filter at the compensating pump output will be added ... Also, the hub will be piloted onto the final drive output shaft, reducing the shear load and resultant failure of mounting bolts ... Final drive improvements - Design an oil level indicator and modify the output shaft ...
Servo Motor - Mechanism
... the position commanded for the output shaft ... The measured position of the output is compared to the command position, the external input to the controller ... If the output position differs from that required, an error signal is generated which then causes the motor to rotate in either direction, as needed to bring the output shaft to the appropriate position ...
AMC And Jeep Transmissions - Transmissions - Automatic - Aisin-Warner
... Early AW4s used 21-spline output shafts ... In 1991 the AW4 was changed to a 23-spline output shaft, concurrent with adoption of the High Output (commonly known as H.O.) inline six-cylinder engine ... Some sources state that the output shaft spline change occurred for the 1990 model year ...

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