The ounce (abbreviated oz, from the former Italian word onza, now spelled oncia; apothecary symbol: ) is a unit of mass with several definitions, the most commonly used of which is equal to approximately 28 grams. The ounce is used in a number of different systems, including those of mass that form part of the United States customary, and imperial, systems. The size of an ounce varies between systems. The most commonly used ounces today are the international avoirdupois ounce and the international troy ounce.

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Ounce (disambiguation)
... An ounce is any of several units of mass Ounce may also be Ounce-force, a unit of force, one sixteenth of a pound-force Fluid ounce, any of several units of volume Ounce, a unit of length used to ...
Ounce - Other Uses - Fabric Weight
... Ounces are also used to express the "weight", or more accurately the areal density, of a textile fabric in North America, Asia or the UK, as in "16 oz denim" ... The number refers to the weight in ounces of a given amount of fabric, either a yard of a given width, or a square yard ...
Silverness - Price
9, 2013 price of about $24.00 USD per troy ounce, silver is about 1/61 the price of gold ... rose to a peak for modern times of US$49.45 per troy ounce (ozt) due to market manipulation of Nelson Bunker Hunt and Herbert Hunt ... to 2012, this is approximately US$138 per troy ounce ...
Libertad (coin) - Libertad Gold Series (Proof) Minting History.
... Year 1/20 Ounce 1/10 Ounce 1/4 Ounce 1/2 Ounce 1 Ounce 1999. 2000 ...
Armstrong Siddeley Ounce
... The Armstrong Siddeley Ounce was a small two-cylinder aero engine developed by Armstrong Siddeley in 1920 ... The Ounce used two cylinders from the preceding Jaguar I radial engine ...

Famous quotes containing the word ounce:

    Success goes thus invariably with a certain plus or positive power: an ounce of power must balance an ounce of weight.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.
    Friedrich Engels (1820–1895)

    He had not an ounce of superfluous flesh on his bones, and leanness goes a great way towards gentility.
    Elizabeth Gaskell (1810–1865)