Orphism may refer to:

  • Orphism (art) (a school of art, also known as "Orphic cubism")
  • Orphism (religion) (a religious movement in antiquity, supposed to have been founded by Orpheus)

Other articles related to "orphism":

Orphism (art) - Legacy
... Orphism as a movement was short-lived, essentially coming to an end before World War I ... In spite of the use of the term the works categorized as Orphism were so different that they defy attempts to place them in a single category ... The term Orphism most obviously embraced paintings by František Kupka, Robert Delaunay and Sonia Delaunay, if limited to implications imposed by color, light, and the ...
Omophagia - Orphism
... In Orphism, worshippers took part in an Orphic ritual which reenacted the story of Zegreus, using a bull as their victim (poorer worshippers may have used a goat instead) ... In its beginnings, Orphism was influenced by the Elusinian mysteries, and it adopted stories from other mythologies as its own ...
Synchromism - Theory and Style
... The multicolored shapes of synchromist paintings also resembled those found in orphism ... that Synchromism was a unique art form, and "has nothing to do with orphism and anybody who has read the first catalogue of synchromism.. ... would realize that we poked fun at orphism" ...