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Operation Little Saturn
... to 3rd Kharkov Blue Voronezh Caucasus Drive towards Stalingrad Stalingrad 3rd Kharkov Operation Saturn, revised as Operation Little Saturn, was a Red Army operation on the Eastern ... The success of Operation Uranus, launched on 19 November 1942, had trapped 250,000 - 300,000 troops of General Friedrich Paulus's German 6th Army and 4th Panzer Army in Stalingrad ... the Soviet general staff planned a winter campaign of continuous and highly ambitious offensive operations, codenamed "Saturn" ...
Italian Participation In The Eastern Front - The Italian 8th Army or Italian Army in Russia - November 1942-February 1943, Operation Little Saturn - Stalingrad
... troops along the Don River remained stable until the Soviets launched "Operation Saturn” on 11 December 1942 ... The aim of this operation was the annihilation of the Italian, Hungarian, Romanian, and German positions along the Don River ... The first stage of Operation Saturn was known as Operation Little Saturn ...
Grigory Stelmakh - Battle of Stalingrad
... After the encirclement, Vatutin and Stelmakh planned a bold Operation Saturn to expand the Soviet offense westward to destroy all German forces east of Rostov-na-Do ... Stelmakh planned the Operation Little Saturn ... Together with actions of Malinovsky, Operation Little Saturn delivered a fatal blow to German hopes of escape from Stalingrad ...
Dan Dare - Collected Editions
... Pilot of the Future 2) The Red Moon Mystery and Marooned on Mercury 3) Operation Saturn 4) Prisoners of Space 5) The Man from Nowhere 6) Rogue Planet 7) Reign of the Robots ... Marooned on Mercury (96 pages, January 2005, ISBN 1-84023-847-X) Operation Saturn Part 1 (96 pages, April 2005, ISBN 1-84023-809-7) Operation Saturn Part 2 (96 pages ...
Second Army (Hungary) - Stalingrad - The Don River, Operation Saturn, and Disaster
... the flanks of the Sixth Army, was annihilated when the Soviets launched Operation Uranus, Operation Saturn, and Operation Little Saturn ... As part of these operations, two Soviet pincers drove through the Romanian Third Army to the north of Stalingrad and the Romanian Fourth Army to the south, cutting off the Sixth Army ... On December 12, 1942, as a counter move, the Germans launched Operation Winter Storm to relieve their Sixth Army by attacking through the pincers of the Soviet armies participating in Operation Uranus ...

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