Olympus Coliseum

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Cloud Strife - Appearances - In Other Media
... In Kingdom Hearts, Cloud appears in the Olympus Coliseum world ... in the Game Boy Advance sequel Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories as a boss in the Olympus Coliseum and later as a summon card for Sora ... replica of Cloud also appears in Kingdom Hearts coded, once again in Olympus Coliseum, but helping data versions of Sora and Hercules to battle the data Hades ...
Characters Of Kingdom Hearts - Other Characters - Olympus Coliseum
... Olympus Coliseum features characters from the 1997 animated film, Hercules, as well as the Final Fantasy characters Zack Fair and Auron ... Hearts II, the Underworld is introduced along with its counterpart to the Olympus Coliseum, called the Underdrome ... He runs the Coliseum and chooses suitable competitors, refusing to see Sora and company as true heroes ...

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    Could truth perhaps be a woman who has reasons for not permitting her reasons to be seen? Could her name perhaps be—to speak Greek—Baubo?... Oh, those Greeks! They understood how to live: to do that it is necessary to stop bravely at the surface, the fold, the skin, to adore the appearance, to believe in forms, in tones, in words, in the whole Olympus of appearance! Those Greeks were superficial—out of profundity!
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)