Old East York

Old East York is a neighbourhood in the city of Toronto, located in the former borough of East York. There are multiple definitions of its extent, but at its largest Old East York has covers the portion of the former city south of Taylor-Massey Creek and the Don Valley Parkway. It thus stretches from the Don River in the west to Victoria Park Avenue in the east. The southern border is the old boundary between East York and Toronto.

The area is primarily made up of single detached homes and ownership is well above average (at over 65%). Most of the houses are small bungalows constructed in the post-war era, but today many are being torn down and replaced by larger houses. The area is middle class primarily and while once dominated by seniors, many are moving on and younger families are finding an affordable neighbourhood within fairly close proximity to the city centre.

The people in the area are predominantly of British, Irish and Greek descent.

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