Okinawan may refer to:

  • Of or relating to Okinawa Island or Okinawa Prefecture, a part of the Ryukyu Islands
  • Okinawan language
  • The people of Okinawa, a subgroup of the Ryukyuan people
  • Okinawan cuisine

Other articles related to "okinawan":

Comparison Of Kobudō Styles
... Okinawan kobudō (沖縄古武道?), refers to the classical weapon systems of Okinawan martial arts ... Okinawan kobudō is also known as Ryūkyū Kobujutsu (琉球古武術?) ...
Masanobu Kikukawa
... Masanobu Kikukawa(喜久川政信) Hanshi is an Okinawan martial artist and chairman of the Shorin-ryu Shinkokai style of Okinawan Karate ... Currently Kikukawa is the only native Okinawan Karate master residing and teaching traditional Shorin-ryu Karate in Canada ...
... Chanpuru (Okinawan チャンプルー Chanpuruu) is a Okinawan stir fry dish ... It is considered the representative dish of Okinawan cuisine ... Chanpuru is Okinawan for "something mixed" and the word is sometimes used to refer to the culture of Okinawa, as it can be seen as a mixture of traditional Ryūkyū, Chinese, Japanese ...
Comparison Of Kobudō Styles - Weapons and Kata
... Okinawan kobudō was at its zenith some 100 years ago and of all the authentic Okinawan kobudō kata practiced at this time, only relatively few by ... in the early part of the 20th century and compiled 42 existing kata, covering eight types of Okinawan weapons ... Shinken may not have been able to collect all extant Okinawan kobudō kata, those he did manage to preserve are listed here ...