Ohio Country

The Ohio Country (sometimes called the Ohio Territory or Ohio Valley by the French) was the name used in the 18th century for the regions of North America west of the Appalachian Mountains and in the region of the upper Ohio River south of Lake Erie.

One of the first frontier regions of the United States, the area encompassed roughly the present-day states of Western Pennsylvania, northwestern West Virginia, Ohio, and eastern Indiana. Historians believe that the issue of Anglo-American settlement in the region was a primary cause of the French and Indian War and a contributing factor to the American Revolutionary War.

After the Revolution and resolution of state claims to the territory, the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 established the boundaries of the Northwest Territory, which was larger than the Ohio Country. The territory included all the land of the United States west of Pennsylvania and northwest of the Ohio River. It covered all of the modern states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and the northeastern part of Minnesota. The area covered more than 260,000 square miles (670,000 km2).

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La Salle Expeditions - Early Expeditions - First Expedition
... him from continuing his expedition westward and told him his presence in the Ohio Country would be unwelcome ... He paid a ransom for the captive after he agreed to lead the explorers into the Ohio Country ... They continued moving overland until they reached a branch of the Ohio River which they canoed down to reach the main channel of the river ...
Treaty Of Fort Mc Intosh
... where the Seneca nation had given up claims to the Ohio Country, the American government sought a treaty with the remaining tribes having claims in the Ohio Country ... at Fort McIntosh at the confluence of the Ohio and Beaver Rivers ... The tribes ceded all claims to land in the Ohio Country east of the Cuyahoga and Muskingum rivers ...
Crawford Expedition - Background
... Ohio Indians—Shawnees, Mingos, Delawares, and Wyandots—were divided over how to respond to the war ... Despite the violence, many Ohio Indians still hoped to stay out of the war, which proved difficult because they were located directly between the British in Detroit and the. 1778, the Americans launched their first expedition into the Ohio Country in an attempt to neutralize British activity in the region ...
Ohio Country - History - Northwest Ordinance
... Pennsylvania was granted the area around the headwaters of the Ohio River, and Virginia was granted the land south of the Ohio ... area west of the Pennsylvania boundary and north of the Ohio became part of the newly formed Northwest Territory, which included all the land of the United States ... It covered all of the modern states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and the northeastern part of Minnesota ...
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... Archeological evidence suggests that the Ohio Valley was inhabited by nomadic people as early as 13,000 BC ... These early nomads disappeared from Ohio by 1,000 BC, "but their material culture provided a base for those who followed them" ... As Ohio historian George W ...

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