Official State Car - Pakistan


The President and Prime Minister of Pakistan both have armoured Mercedes-Benz W221 cars. Both the PM and the President travel in a motorcade with up to seven decoy components, each component exactly identical – one traffic police car escorting the flag-bearing armored Mercedes followed by a Toyota Land Cruiser with electronic jamming devices, and two other Land Cruisers of guards. The head and tail of the overall motorcade is usually protected by many rapid response police vehicles. The motorcade is escorted by at least half a dozen traffic motorbikes, and is trailed by a military ambulance and a firefighting truck. When the PM and President travel out of city, the motorcades are additionally escorted by further vehicles of the local police. The convoy comprises 20 to 100 vehicles, depending on the location and destination.

The government of Pakistan has also arranged for armoured cars equipped with jamming devices for the Senate Chairman and Speaker of the National Assembly. The Pakistan Foreign Ministry also operates up to 10 of these identical armoured cars which are used to transport VIPs and visiting Heads of States. Politicians are also seen in Toyota Land Cruisers. Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in a Toyota Land Cruiser while campaigning for re-election.

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