Object Files

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Segmented Addressing - Object Files
... Segments or sections are also defined in object files ... Segments in different object files may be combined by the linker according to rules specified when the segments are defined ... Conventions exist for segments shared between object files for instance, in DOS there are different memory models that specify the names of special segments and whether or not they may be combined ...
GNU Binutils - Commands
... known as GAS (Gnu ASsembler) ld linker gprof profiler addr2line convert address to file and line ar create, modify, and extract from archives c++filt demangling ...
WiX - Internal Structure - Light
... Light, the linker, takes one or more object files and links the references in the object files to the appropriate symbols in other object files ... all of the binaries, packaging them appropriately, and generating the final MSI or MSM file ...

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