NSE may refer to:

  • Norwegian School of Economics
stock exchanges
  • Nagoya Stock Exchange in Japan, Japan
  • Nairobi Stock Exchange in Kenya, Kenya
  • Nigerian Stock Exchange in Lagos, Nigeria Nigeria
  • National Stock Exchange of India, India
  • National Stock Exchange, the former name of Vilnius Stock Exchange, Lithuania
companies and organizations
  • National Society for Epilepsy, a United Kingdom-based epilepsy charity
  • National Student Exchange, an exchange program for American and Canadian undergraduate students
  • Network SouthEast, a former sector of British Rail
  • National Support Element, a military term for a supply and support unit deployed primarily in Hungary as part of IFOR
other uses
  • Enolase 2, A.K.A. Neuron-Specific Enolase
  • Namespace Shell Extension, discussed in Shell_extension
  • Network Search Engine (also known as Network Search Element), a device that helps computer network routers accelerate one of the most common functions: searching for patterns/addresses in data packets
  • NSE: Net Sphere Engineer, a manga by Tsutomu Nihei.
  • National Spanish Examinations, an online assessment for students studying Spanish as a second language in the United States
  • North-South Expressway, Malaysia
  • North–South Expressway, Singapore
  • Nu Skin Enterprises, a direct selling multi-level marketing company
  • Neuron-specific enolase, Enolase 2
  • Non-Speaking Extra, an Extra (actor)
  • Navier-Stokes equations to describe motion of fluid substances
  • Nmap Scripting Engine, a feature of the Nmap security scanner that allows users to write (and share) simple scripts that are executed in parallel, using the Lua programming language, to automate a wide variety of networking tasks.
  • Nanoscale Science and Engineering

Other articles related to "nse":

MIBOR (Mumbai Inter-Bank Offer Rate)
... Accordingly, NSE had developed and launched the NSE Mumbai Inter-bank Bid Rate (MIBID) and NSE Mumbai Inter-bank Offer Rate (MIBOR) for the overnight money market on June 15, 1998 ... The success of the Overnight NSE MIBID MIBOR encouraged the Exchange to develop a benchmark rate for the term money market ... NSE launched the 14-day NSE MIBID MIBOR on November 10, 1998 and the longer term money market benchmark rates for 1 month and 3 months on December 1, 1998 ...
... School of Natural Sciences and Engineering (BIG-NSE) is part of the Cluster of Excellence “Unifying Concepts in Catalysis” (UniCat) founded in November ... The main research interest of the UniCat and BIG-NSE Faculty is Catalysis, in a broad sense ... who will be intensively involved in the supervision and mentoring of the BIG-NSE students, among them the Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society, the working place of Professor Gerhard Ertl, the winner of the ...
Enolase 2 - Utility
... Detection of NSE with antibodies can be used to identify neuronal cells and cells with neuroendocrine differentiation ... NSE is produced by small cell carcinomas which are neuroendocrine in origin ... NSE is therefore a useful tumor marker for lung cancer patients ...
Neutron Spin Echo - NSE and Spin-incoherent Scattering (from Protons)
... For NSE spin incoherent scattering has the disadvantage that it flips the neutron spins during scattering with a probability of 2/3 ... The result may be a complicated combination which cannot be decomposed if only NSE is employed ... when there is an overwhelming intensity contribution due to protons, NSE can be used to measure their incoherent spectrum ...