Novara - Local Government

Local Government

The current mayor of Novara is Andrea Ballarè, elected in June 2011, representing a centre-Left coalition.

Novara is divided into thirteen wards (circoscrizioni); several of these are formed of a number of quarters (quartieri), zones, and/or frazioni

According to changes in local electoral laws, from June 2011 elections they were stripped of their elective bodies (council and president), thus remaining as a simple internal partition of the Comune.

  • Centro (Historic Centre)
  • Nord est (North East)
  • Nord (North)
    • Sant’Antonio (quartiere)
    • Vignale (frazione)
    • Veveri (frazione)
  • Sant’Agabio
  • Porta Mortara
  • Sacro Cuore
  • San Martino
  • Santa Rita
  • Ovest (West)
    • San Paolo (quartiere)
    • Zona Agogna (zone)
  • Sud (South)
    • Cittadella (quartiere)
    • Rizzotaglia (quartiere)
    • Villagio Dalmazia (quartiere)
    • Torrion Quartara (frazione)
  • Sud est (South East)
    • Bicocca (quartiere)
    • Olengo (frazione)
  • Lumellogno
    • Lumellogno (frazione)
    • Casalgiate (frazione)
    • Pagliate (frazione)
    • Gionzana (frazione)
  • Pernate

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