Niles West High School - Academics - Technology


  • Multiple computer labs, including one "walk-in" lab
  • Technology Leadership Program, where students help other students and/or senior citizens
  • Cisco IPTV, being phased out and replaced by similar on-demand internet videos
  • Sponsorship of
  • Dell Computers in every science room, approx. 70-80 laptops (may be shared with Niles North High School)
  • Computers in each department's "Resource Center"
  • VoIP phones in every class room
  • "Language Lab", with top-of-the-line computers linked with the teachers to allow the instructors full control
  • E-mail and storage (accessible at home via POP3, IMAP, and FTP) for all students and staff
  • A/V lab with around 12 eMacs for multimedia editing
  • Netbooks issued to all new students starting from the class of 2014

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