Nights (character)

Nights (character)

Nights (trademarked as NiGHTS) is a video game character from the games Nights into Dreams... and Nights: Journey of Dreams, developed and published by Sega. Nights is a "Nightmaren" who resides in Nightopia, a dream world where the dreams of all human beings are acted out every night. The character wears a purple jester-style hat and outfit, with a diamond-shaped red jewel on the chest. (In the Archie comics, this was said to be a piece of a red ideya that broke off and latched onto its chest).

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... In his review of NightsJourney of Dreams, Kevin Vanord of GameSpot described the characteras an "androgynous jester." Vanord said, "Nightsis smoothly animated", but said the "vocal ...

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