Nica or NICA may refer to:

  • Nīca, a village in Latvia
  • Nica (toponym), an individual of Nicaraguan heritage
  • Nica Airlines or Nicaragüense de Aviación, a Nicaraguan airline
  • IBM NICA, a software solution for media and publishing sector
  • National Institute of Circus Arts, an Australian circus school
  • National Intelligence Coordinating Agency, a government agency in the Philippines
  • Nica (butterfly), a genus of nymphalid butterflies in the Biblidinae subfamily
  • Nica (singer), a Reggaeton artist from Nicaragua
  • National Ice Carving Association, a U.S. ice sculpture association
  • Netherlands Indies Civil Administration, the World War II-era Dutch colonial administration in Indonesia
  • Nicotine Anonymous (NicA), a stop-smoking program
  • Northern Ireland Court of Appeal, part of the Courts of Northern Ireland
  • nica, a colloquial word for urinal in Mexico, Chile, and the Yucatán

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