Nelson River Bipole

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Overhead Line Crossing - Crossings of Other Overhead Lines - Special Crossings From Overhead Lines of Other Overhead Lines
97.43667°W / 50.09167 -97.43667 (Nelson River Bipole 2 ... cross electrode line of Nelson River Bipole 2) Nelson River Bipole 2 ... electrode line ...
List Of HVDC Projects - Table
2 0.0025 1882 Single machine Demonstration facility, dismantled Gorzente River - Genoa DC transmission scheme Italy - Gorzente River Italy - Genoa ... Nelson River Bipole 1 Canada - Gillam, Manitoba 56°21′41″N 94°36′48″W / 56.36139°N 94.61333°W / 56.36139 -94.61333 (Nelson River Bipole 1 - Gillam Static Inverter Plant ... Eel River B2B Canada- Eel River, NB 48°01′05″N 66°26′39″W / 48.01806°N 66.44417°W / 48.01806 -66.44417 (Eel River Static Inverter Plant) Canada- Eel River, NB 48°01 ...

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