Negroponte may refer to:

  • Euboea, Negroponte in Italian and Venetian, a Greek island
  • Chalkis, capital of Euboea, named Negroponte during the Middle Ages
  • Lordship of Negroponte, crusader state established on the island after the Fourth Crusade

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Responsive Architecture - History
... term "responsive architecture" was given to us by Nicholas Negroponte, who first conceived of it during the late nineteen sixties when spatial design problems were being ... Negroponte proposes that responsive architecture is the natural product of the integration of computing power into built spaces and structures, and that better performing, more rational buildings are the result ... Negroponte also extends this mixture to include the concepts of recognition, intention, contextual variation, and meaning into computing and its successful (ubiquitous) integration into architecture ...
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... Ambassador to Honduras at the time, John Negroponte, met frequently with General Gustavo Alvarez Martínez ... showing telegrams (cables) sent and received by Negroponte during his period as U.S ... absent from the cable traffic" and that "Negroponte's cables reflect no protest, or even discussion of these issues during his many meetings with ...
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... Diana Villiers Negroponte (born 1947), American trade lawyer Fra Antonio da Negroponte, Italian painter of the early-Renaissance period John Negroponte (born 1939), diplomat and Deputy Secretary of State first US ...
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... In the 1980s Negroponte had originated an idea that came to be known as the "Negroponte Switch" ... Negroponte called this "trading places," but his co-presenter George Gilder at an event organized by Northern Telecom called it the "Negroponte Switch" and the name stuck ...
Lordship Of Negroponte
... The Triarchy of Negroponte was a crusader state established on the island of Euboea (Italian Negroponte) after the partition of the Byzantine Empire ... became a regular Venetian colony as the Kingdom of Negroponte (Regno di Negroponte) ...