Some articles on negotiations:

Trinidad And Tobago Unified Teachers Association - Negotiating Problems
... In 1971 the problems over negotiations continued with the PSA refusing to sit in joint negotiations with what they described as "minority unions" ... In 1974, the Special Tribunal called for joint negotiations through a joint negotiations committee but again the PSA refused to join in the process ... was an additional problem in that, in 1971, the PSA, which usually went in first in negotiations, signed a four-contract contrary to the usual procedure as three-year contracts ...
Life Support (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) - Plot
... Because Bareil was in the midst of negotiations with the Cardassians, the talks would collapse without him, so Bashir considers giving Bareil vasokin, a drug ... and can live only for several months, just enough time to hopefully conclude his negotiations with the Cardassians ... Bareil is kept alive long enough to aid in completing the negotiations, and the treaty is formed between Bajor and Cardassia ...
Polish–Prussian Alliance - Negotiations
... One of the Prussian playing-for-time requests to the Patriotic Party was that before the treaty is signed, they need to see more reforms within the Commonwealth government ... In October 1789, the changing international situation (primarily the military defeats of the Ottoman Empire) suddenly and temporarily increased the value of an alliance with Poland for Prussia ...
Black Hawk War (1865–1872) - Events - Negotiations
... Negotiations between local Utes and settlement leaders took place all through the summer ... Tabby met with leaders in Heber City, Orson Hyde met with Sowiette, Toquana in Nephi, Indian agent Dimick Huntington met with Ute in the Strawbeery Valley, and Hamilton Kearnes met with Ute at Salina to smoke a peace pipe and give presents ...
Hungarian Round Table Talks - Progression
... did their best to prevent wider knowledge of the negotiations, supposedly to prevent them being used as political propaganda ... transition (to which the regime implicitly agreed through its acceptance of negotiations), and were nervous about uncontrolled popular mobilisation—especially as talks began before the ... authority of the party, but were content not to support it, guaranteeing them a lesser role in negotiations ...

Famous quotes containing the word negotiations:

    But always and sometimes questioning the old modes
    And the new wondering, the poem, growing up through the floor,
    Standing tall in tubers, invading and smashing the ritual
    Parlor, demands to be met on its own terms now,
    Now that the preliminary negotiations are at last over.
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)