Negative Reinforcement

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Reinforcement - Types - Positive and Negative
... As Skinner discussed, positive reinforcement is superior to punishment in altering behavior ... He maintained that punishment was not simply the opposite of positive reinforcement positive reinforcement results in lasting behavioral modification, whereas punishment changes ... The accepted model of reinforcement began shifting in 1966 when Azrin and Holz contributed a chapter to Honig's volume on operant conditioning ...
B. F. Skinner - Theory
... Reinforcement is a central concept in Behaviorism, and was seen as a central mechanism in the shaping and control of behavior ... A common misconception is that negative reinforcement is synonymous with punishment ... To be clear, while positive reinforcement is the strengthening of behavior by the application of some event (e.g ...
Behavior Analysis Of Child Development - Research - Developmental Depression With Origins in Childhood
... Hops continued the work on the role of negative reinforcement in maintaining depression with Anthony Biglan ... by five basic processes, including lack or loss of positive reinforcement, direct positive or negative reinforcement for depressive behavior, lack of rule-governed behavior or too much rule-governed behavior ... For example, a child whose depressive behavior functions for negative reinforcement by stopping fighting between parents could develop a lifelong pattern of depressive behavior in ...

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    The idealist’s programme of political or economic reform may be impracticable, absurd, demonstrably ridiculous; but it can never be successfully opposed merely by pointing out that this is the case. A negative opposition cannot be wholly effectual: there must be a competing idealism; something must be offered that is not only less objectionable but more desirable.
    Charles Horton Cooley (1864–1929)