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... bit – Freenet – Free-space loss – Freeze frame television – Frequency assignment – Frequency averaging – Frequency counter – Frequency deviation – Frequency frogging – Frequency modulation ...
Analytic Signal - Negative Frequency Components
... Analytic signals are often shifted in frequency (down-converted) toward 0 Hz, which creates negative frequency components ... Another motive is to reduce the highest frequency, which reduces the minimum rate for alias-free sampling ... A frequency shift does not undermine the mathematical tractability of the complex signal representation ...
Power Inverter - Applications - Variable-frequency Drives
... A variable-frequency drive controls the operating speed of an AC motor by controlling the frequency and voltage of the power supplied to the motor ... In most cases, the variable-frequency drive includes a rectifier so that DC power for the inverter can be provided from main AC power ... Since an inverter is the key component, variable-frequency drives are sometimes called inverter drives or just inverters ...
Frequency Ranges
... The frequency range of a system is the range over which it is considered to provide a useful level of signal with acceptable distortion characteristics ... A listing of the upper and lower limits of frequency limits for a system is not useful without a criterion for what the range represents ... Allocation of radio frequency ranges to different uses is a major function of radio spectrum allocation ...
Distress Radiobeacon - Frequency - Cospas-Sarsat Incompatible Beacon Frequencies
121.5 MHz VHF ± 6 kHz (frequency band protected to ±50 kHz) (Satellite detection ceased on 1 February 2009, but this frequency is still used for short-range location ...

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