Negative Cooperativity

Some articles on cooperativity, negative cooperativity:

Applications of Host-guest Chemistry - Cooperativity
... Cooperativity is defined to be when a ligand binds to a receptor with more than one binding site, the ligand causes a decrease or increase in affinity for incoming ligands ... binding of the subsequent ligands, it is considered positive cooperativity ... of binding is observed, then it is negative cooperativity ...
Enzyme Kinetics - Non-Michaelis–Menten Kinetics
... Positive cooperativity occurs when binding of the first substrate molecule increases the affinity of the other active sites for substrate ... Negative cooperativity occurs when binding of the first substrate decreases the affinity of the enzyme for other substrate molecules ... mammalian tyrosyl tRNA-synthetase, which shows negative cooperativity, and bacterial aspartate transcarbamoylase and phosphofructokinase, which show ...

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