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List Of Former Municipalities Of Norway - List By County - Oppland
... Incorporated into Vestre Toten Vestre Toten 1964 Fluberg Incorporated into Søndre Landndre Land 1962 Fron Split in two Nord-Fron Sør-Fron 1977 Fåberg ...
List Of Villages In Oppland
9.4°E / 60.933333 9.4 2910 Nord-Aurdal Aust-Torpa 2881 Nordre Land Bagn 61°9′0″N 9°5′0″E / 61.15°N 9.083333°E / 61.15 9.083333 2930 Sør ...
Fluberg - History
... municipality was created January 1, 1914 when it was separated from Søndre Land ... of Fluberg with 2,110 inhabitants was reunited with Søndre Land ... Røen, with 196 inhabitants, which were moved to Nordre Land ...

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