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Israel Defense Forces Ranks - Current Ranks
... Category Rank name, rank equivalent and Nato code Insignia קצינים בכירים Senior Officers or Field Grade Officers (רב-אלוף (רא"ל Rav aluf (Ra'al) (Chief of General ... Officers (Ktzinim Akademaim) Special rank given to soldiers who are delaying completing officers' training so they can complete a professional education (usually in engineering, medicine, law, or religion) ... Lieutenant, but are treated as if they were breveted to the next higher rank ...
Finnish Military Ranks - Exceptions - NCO Ranks
... The NCO ranks in the Finnish Defence Force are filled by conscripts, career NCOs and contractual military personnel ... The basic NCO rank is Enlistee (sotilasammattihenkilö), which is a rank and file position reserved for career NCOs who have not received reserve NCO training ... Its relation to other rank and file ranks is unspecified ...
New Zealand Cadet Corps - Membership - Cadet Members
... can join from the age of 13, and may serve as a Cadet or Cadet NCO until their 18th birthday ... Cadets may in time be promoted to NCO ranks ... Cadet NCO ranks are based on the New Zealand Army Infantry ranks, and are Cadet Lance Corporal (CDT LCPL), Cadet Corporal (CDT CPL), Cadet Sergeant (CDT SGT ...

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