NCO may refer to:

  • NCO Group, an international corporation that provides customer service contracting
  • Net Capital Outflow, an economic metric measuring the amount of money from a country holding assets elsewhere
  • NetCDF Operators, a suite of programs for manipulating NetCDF files
  • National Children's Orchestra, an organisation for young musicians in the United Kingdom
  • Network-centric operations, an emerging theory of war in the information age
  • Non-commissioned officer in the rank structure of many armed forces worldwide
  • Numerically controlled oscillator, a digital signal generator
  • Nuova Camorra Organizzata, a defunct Italian Camorra criminal organization in Naples founded by Raffaele Cutolo
  • Isocyanate, a functional group of atoms –N=C=O

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Luigi Riccio - Biography - More Murders
... guilty of having robbed a gambling house protected by the NCO ... As a branch manager in the NCO, he showed himself competent at handling troublesome subordinates by using an innovative style of approach rarely found in the traditional ... sentenced to one month of suspension from the NCO's payroll, a practise found more among Italian soccer players than gangsters ...
Giovanni Pandico
... Italian Camorrista who was a member of the Nuova Camorra Organizzata (NCO), a Camorra organization in Naples ... Pandico's revelations brought a massive crackdown on the NCO and led to the arrests of over 856 NCO members and affiliates on June 17, 1983, a day labeled by the Neapolitan press as the black day of the NCO ...
Sensemaking - Other Applications
... the conceptual framework for military network-centric operations (NCO) espoused by the U.S ... A central hypothesis of NCO, however, is that the quality of shared sensemaking and collaboration will be better in a "robustly networked" force than in a platform-centric force, empowering ... According to NCO theory, there is a mutually-reinforcing relationship among and between individual sensemaking, shared sensemaking, and collaboration ...
List Of United States Marine Corps Acronyms And Expressions - N
... NCO – NonCommissioned Officer corporal or sergeant the Army term "noncom" is no longer appropriate ... NCOIC – Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge, an NCO responsible for a group of Marines, but without the authority of a commissioned officer somes also the senior enlisted Marine acting ... non-rate – junior to the NCO ranks a Private, Private First Class, or Lance Corporal borrowed from naval use, where personnel below the petty officer ranks had no rating, thus "non-rated men." no ...
Pasquale D'Amico
... senior member of the Nuova Camorra Organizzata (NCO), a Camorra organization in Naples ... D'Amico defected from the NCO and subsequently became a pentito in 1983 ... D'Amico was one of the highest ranking due to his position within the NCO ...