National Tsing Hua University

National Tsing Hua University (traditional Chinese: 國立清華大學; simplified Chinese: 国立清华大学; Tongyong Pinyin: Guólì Cinghuá Dàsyué; Hanyu Pinyin: Guólì Qīnghuá Dàxué; Wade–Giles: Kuo-li Ch'ing-hua Ta-hsuëh; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Chheng-hôa Tāi-ha̍k; abbreviated as NTHU) is one of the most prestigious universities in Taiwan. The university has a strong reputation in the studies of science and engineering. There are now 7 colleges, 17 departments and 22 independent graduate institutes in the university. Many Taiwanese business and academic elites received their education in NTHU. The university also produced 12 academicians of the Academia Sinica and one Nobel prize laureate, Lee Yuan-tseh (Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1986), the first Taiwanese to receive the prize. The campus is conveniently located, neighboring several national research institutes and Hsinchu Science Park, the silicon valley of Taiwan. The close location strengthens the collaboration between the academia and the electronics industry.

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