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Information Security Oversight Office - Notices
... Since September 30, 2008, the Information Security Oversight Office has issued ISOO Notices to disseminate and provide consistent guidance to Federal Agencies ... Additional Guidance on Supplemental Controls Required for Safeguarding Classified National Security Information ISOO Notice 2012-02 Classification Marking Instructions on the. 12958, as amended ISOO Notice 2009-06 "Handling NATO Information Identified during Automatic Declassification Processing" ISOO Notice 2009-04 “Best ...
Computer Security - Security By Design
... One approach to computer security is to consider security as one of the base features ... to compromise the integrity of the system and the information it holds ... Audit trails tracking system activity, so that when a security breach occurs, the mechanism and extent of the breach can be determined ...
Xpages - Security
... XPages applications and the document oriented database can be secured in multiple ways ... There is a so called ACL (access control list) which contains a list of users, groups and roles and their access rights ...
Computer Security
... Computer security is information security as applied to computers and networks ... The field covers all the processes and mechanisms by which computer-based equipment, information and services are protected from unintended or unauthorized access, change or ...
Classified Information In The United States - Classifications and Clearances Between U.S. Government Agencies
... Because most security clearances only apply inside the agency where the holder works, if one needs to meet with another agency to discuss classified matters, it is possible and necessary to pass one's ... The Department of Energy security clearance required to access Top Secret Restricted Data, Formerly Restricted Data, and National Security Information, as well as Secret Restricted Data, is a Q clearance ... L clearance is sufficient for access to Secret Formerly Restricted Data and National Security Information, as well as Confidential Restricted Data, Formerly Restricted ...

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    I was brought up to believe that the only thing worth doing was to add to the sum of accurate information in the world.
    Margaret Mead (1901–1978)

    Success and failure in our own national economy will hang upon the degree to which we are able to work with races and nations whose social order and whose behavior and attitudes are strange to us.
    Ruth Benedict (1887–1948)

    ...I lost myself in my work and never felt that marriage would give me the security I wanted. I thought that through the trade union movement we working women could get better conditions and security of mind.
    Mary Anderson (1872–1964)