Nasr Mahrous - Video Clip Director

Video Clip Director

Mohamed Fouad:

  • Elhob Elhaee’ee

Khalid Agag:

  • Ta'alali
  • Wahdani

Khalid Agag & Mohamed Mounir:

  • Leh Ya Donia

Mohamed Mohie:

  • Leh Beyfakarouni

Mohamed Mounir:

  • Ana Ba'sha Elbahr
  • So Ya So

Bahaa Sultan:

  • Ya Tara
  • Oum Ou’af wenta betkalemni
  • Elli Fe Eini ("'Duet with Soma'")
  • Elwad Albo Be'yoga'o
  • Kan Zaman


  • Ah Ya Liel
  • Sabri Aleel
  • Garh Tani
  • Ma Betfrahsh
  • Lazem A'eesh
  • Ma Feesh Marra

Tamer Hosny:

  • Habibi we Enta Ba'eed
  • Arrab Habibi
  • Hodn Elghareeb
  • Enaya Bethebak
  • Heya Di

Mohamed Mohie:

  • Leh Beyfakarooni
  • Dayman Ala Bali
  • Aader we Te'melha

Hareedi (Nasr Mahrous)

  • Hebb Baba

Free Baby

  • Baba Fen

Hasan Al-Asmar

  • Motshakereen

Mohamed Roshdy:

  • Damet Lemeen
  • Atr Elhaya


  • Hatrooh


  • Ghammazat
  • El 'Awoo

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