Myrtle Avenue Line

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Myrtle Avenue Line (surface)
... The Myrtle Avenue Line is a surface transit line on Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn, New York City, United States ... It was the first streetcar line in Brooklyn, built by the Brooklyn City Railroad, and it is now the B54 bus route, operated by MTA New York City Bus' Fresh Pond Depot in ... It should not be confused with the BMT Myrtle Avenue Line, a separate subway line that also operates along Myrtle Avenue ...
Seneca Avenue (BMT Myrtle Avenue Line)
... Seneca Avenue is a station on the BMT Myrtle Avenue Line of the New York City Subway ... intersection of Palmetto Street and Seneca Avenue in Ridgewood, Queens, it is served by the M train at all times ... and northeast corners of Palmetto Street and Seneca Avenue ...
BMT Lexington Avenue Line - Station Listing - Later Line From The Brooklyn Bridge - Demolished Section
... This section of the line closed in three stages ... Service on the section shared with the BMT Myrtle Avenue Line ended in 1969 when that line closed, 19 years after the BMT Lexington Avenue Line itself was demolished between Washington Avenue on the ... Brooklyn Bridge and Sands Street September 1, 1888 March 5, 1944 Adams Street Myrtle Avenue and Adams Street April 10, 1888 March 5, 1944 Bridge–Jay Street Myrtle Avenue and Bridge ...
Myrtle–Wyckoff Avenues (New York City Subway) - BMT Myrtle Avenue Line Platforms
... to the west also served by the M train, see Myrtle Avenue (BMT Jamaica Line) Myrtle–Wyckoff Avenues New York City Subway rapid transit station Station statistics Division B (BMT) Line BMT Myrtle Avenue ... Originally, the line stub ended at the original Wyckoff station which was past the present curve that is just east of this station ... It was subsequently extended in the early 1900s to the street level ROW to Metropolitan Avenue and during the Dual Contracts era routed on to the present el structure ...

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