My Cat Is An Alien

My Cat Is An Alien

My Cat Is an Alien (MCIAA) is the name of the Italian musical duo and outsider audiovisual artists consisting of brothers Maurizio and Roberto Opalio, formed in Torino, Italy, in late 1997. They release avant garde /experimental music in a peculiar form of improvisation that MCIAA themselves define 'instantaneous composition'.

MCIAA's first live show was supporting Sonic Youth in 1998. Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth is a fan and has collaborated with the duo and released some of their material on his own Ecstatic Peace! record label.

Thurston Moore and Byron Coley wrote on Arthur Magazine, "Italy's MY CAT IS AN ALIEN is the finest two-brother band from Italy since the end of the Great War."

MCIAA's work range over many artistic activities: musical performance, films and videos, audiovisual installations, poetry, drawing, photography, painting.

In September 2011, My Cat Is An Alien are the cover feature in The Wire magazine.

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