MX Record

A mail exchanger record (MX record) is a type of resource record in the Domain Name System that specifies a mail server responsible for accepting email messages on behalf of a recipient's domain, and a preference value used to prioritize mail delivery if multiple mail servers are available. The set of MX records of a domain name specifies how email should be routed with the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.

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Simple Mail Transfer Protocol - Mail Processing Model
... It uses the Domain name system (DNS) to look up the mail exchanger record (MX record) for the recipient's domain (the part of the address on the right of @) ... The returned MX record contains the name of the target host ... The article on MX record discusses many factors in determining which server the sending MTA connects to.) Once the MX target accepts the incoming message, it hands it to a mail delivery agent (MDA ...
Wildcard DNS Record - Definitions of DNS Wildcards
... A wildcard DNS record in a zone file looks similar to this example * 3600 IN MX 10 ... This wildcard DNS record will cause DNS lookups on domain names ending in that do not exist to have MX records synthesized for them ...
MX Record - History of Fallback To A
... the experimental and little used MD and MF records. 1986, RFC 973 and RFC 974 deprecated the MD and MF records, replaced them with MX, and defined the MX lookup with fallback to A ... RFC 974 recommends that clients do a WKS lookup on each MX host to see if it actually supports SMTP and discard the MX entry if it doesn't ...

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