Muzzle Velocities

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.25-06 Remington - Uses
... of its parent.30-06 case, allows relatively high muzzle velocities without heavy recoil ... The combination of high ballistic coefficients with high muzzle velocities give the.25-06 a very flat trajectory as well as retaining kinetic energy down-range ... These bullets range from lightly constructed 75-grain bullets with muzzle velocities in the 3,700 ft/s (1,130 m/s) range to heavily made 120-grain bullets with muzzle velocities in the 3 ...
Combustion Light Gas Gun
... relative to solid propellant and have achieved higher muzzle velocities in experiments ... being explored in an attempt to achieve higher velocities from artillery to gain greater range ... While this technology does appear to provide higher velocities, the main drawback with gaseous or liquid propellants for gun systems is the difficulty in getting ...
Rifling - Twist Rate - Twist Rate and Bullet Stability
... where C = 150 (use 180 for muzzle velocities higher than 2,800 f/s) D = bullet's diameter in inches L = bullet's length in inches SG = bullet's specific gravity (10.9 for lead-core bullets ... This works to velocities of about 840 m/s (2800 ft/s) above those velocities, a C of 180 should be used ... barrel wear, and coupled with high velocities also induce a very high spin rate which can cause projectile jacket ruptures causing high velocity spin stabilized projectiles to ...
Classification of Artillery - Equipment Types
... or more than one charge), and having higher or lower muzzle velocity, sometimes indicated by barrel length ... However, modern "howitzers" have higher velocities and longer barrels than the equivalent "guns" of the first half of the 20th century ... by long range, having a maximum elevation significantly less than 45°, a high muzzle velocity and hence a relatively long barrel, smooth bore (no rifling) and a single charge ...

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