Mutualism may refer to:

  • Mutualism (biology), symbiotic interaction between different species that is mutually beneficial
  • Mutualism (economic theory), an economic theory created by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon based on the labor theory of value
  • Mutualism (movement), a politically neutral movement that aims at creating and promoting mutual organizations, insurances, and other funds

Other articles related to "mutualism":

Mutualism (economic Theory) - Criticisms
... Collectivist anarchist Michael Bakunin was an adamant critic of Proudhonian mutualism as well, stating, "How ridiculous are the ideas of the ... Economist George Reisman charges that mutualism supports exploitation when it does not recognize a right of an individual to protect land that he has mixed his labor with if he happens to not be using it ...
Left-libertarians - Left-wing Market Anarchism - Antecedents - Mutualism
... Mutualism emerged from early nineteenth-century socialism, and is generally considered a market-oriented strand within the libertarian socialist tradition ...
Community (ecology) - Interspecific Interactions - Mutualism
... Mutualism is a symbiotic interaction between species in which both benefit ... Examples include Rhizobium bacteria growing in nodules on the roots of legumes and insects pollinating the flowers of angiosperms ...
Prodoxidae - Yucca Moths
... Interactions of these organisms range from obligate mutualism to commensalism to outright antagonism ... yucca moth genera in particular, Tegeticula and Parategeticula, have an obligate pollination mutualism with yuccas ... Prodoxus, are not engaged in the pollination mutualism, nor do the larvae feed on developing seeds ...